All About Eggs

January 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Breakfast at The Spoons

Breakfast at The Spoons, Isle of Skye Scotland

I love poached eggs for two reasons:
1. They’re versatile. Eggs are a quick, easy way to add extra nutrition and satiation to any breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2. They taste great!

Most of us are used to the typical fried, hard-boiled egg or omelet but poached eggs offer a different variation.
One of my favorite and fast breakfasts is poached eggs on top of Ezekial bread with avocado. YUM!
Eggs can also be added to your rice dishes and soups.
So, how to you make poached eggs?
Here are some options.

The Super Easy Way:
These molds are around $7 for two, directions are simple and included, and these can be found at your local kitchen store or on Eggs are done in just minutes!


Poached Egg Molds

Poached Egg Molds

Or, follow these excellent instructions from Bon Appetit

I typically use my molds, but on occasion I try and replicate this fantastic breakfast in the Scottish Highlands at The Spoons B&B The owner of the B&B, Marie, tells me that Rhode Island Reds produce the best eggs!

Extra Egg notes:
The fresher they are, the better. Shop your local farmer’s market for free range pastured eggs.
Eggs provide a good source of protein and the nutrient, choline, part of a brain and heart healthy anti-inflammatory diet.

For all you egg white eaters out there…
• The yolks are the most nutrient packed part of the egg
• Fat in your food does not equate to body fat!
• Whites + Yolk = whole food




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