How to Buy Fish: Fresh or Frozen?

January 21, 2013 § Leave a comment


Today, I’d like to elaborate on an answer to a question I’ve been asked frequently in my life.

Is the fish fresh or frozen?

I’ve been asked this question for two reasons:

  1. Throughout high school and college I worked at Champlin’s Seafood in Point Judith.
  2. Since my husband is a commercial fisherman, I get asked a lot of questions about fish in general 🙂

Even though we live in the Ocean State, I find that many Rhode Islander’s assume that ‘fresh’ fish is better than frozen.

However, in terms of quality, frozen at sea is superior.  For this process, the fish is frozen immediately on the boat and within hours of being caught rather than potentially sitting out for a few days.  Essentially, it’s frozen at peak freshness.

You can read more about the process on my husband’s boat:

When dining at one of the fabulous RI restaurants sourced by Farm Fresh RI such as Gracie’s, Tallulah on Thames, and Chez Pascal,   you’ll find Bomster scallops on the menu.

These are probably the best scallops you can buy  because  they are frozen on the fishing vessel at their freshest point. They are so, so delicious and I highly recommended trying them! You can really taste the quality.

When  purchasing fish, remember that frozen isn’t a bad thing, when you see ‘frozen at sea’ you can assume that the quality and freshness is superior. This trend is becoming more and more popular as consumers are interested in purchasing the highest quality of seafood. Also look for ‘Product of USA’!



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