Famous Fisherman

January 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Pelican on bow

No health tips or recipes here today, just felt like bragging about my husband…
There’s been a lot of laughing in my house over the past few months in regards to this exciting story of my fisherman husband and his Hollywood debut!

It all started last November when Kyle made a fishing trip right after super-storm Sandy.  While fishing, a lost and lucky pelican landed on his boat.  Lucky because my husband and his crew took great care of their new found friend by feeding him well and keeping him warm.  Apparently, he was also given a name, Charles. Upon his return, Kyle dropped the Pelican off along with 130 pounds of fish to feed the other birds at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of RI. From there, Charles was flown back home to FL on a private plane, crazy, right?

A couple days after, a television show director of production contacted Kyle to feature him and his story on an ABC show, Sea Rescue.

This should be airing sometime in the summer and I’ll be sure to update my blog when I know the date.

Ahh, I’m so proud of my husband, providing the highest quality fish to the world and saving birds at the same time.




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