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May 13, 2013 § Leave a comment



Awesome sushi roll from Oishii

I couldn’t resist copying the title of my post today from the label on a pair of sushi-printed pajamas I came across on Newbury Street about 15 years ago.  As you can tell, they made quite an impression on me.

This past fall when Kyle and I visited my sister and her family, we popped into an excellent sushi restaurant, Oishii .

Included in many top restaurant lists in Boston, Oishii’s Chestnut Hill location is conveniently located by my sister’s condo.  Personally, I’m not sure if I could resist the temptation of eating there once a week if I lived in the area. Being a sushi lover can get to be an expensive habit.

While enjoying our sushi, Kyle pointed out that I never make miso soup.  He was right, I’ve never ever made it AND we both love it.

Needless to say, I decided to make miso soup that week.  I used this recipe from 101 Cookbooks


Miso soup from Oishii

My version of miso soup!

My version of miso soup!

Super simple recipe:

I used buckwheat soba noodles as a great nutrient-dense pasta alternative.  Buckwheat noodles are also gluten-free. I went with the watercress rather than the spinach since I was able to find it at my local farmer’s market.  I recalled learning that Hippocrates, believing in the healing powers of watercress, built his first hospital next to a stream so that watercress could grow.  This made it seem like a solid choice.

Additionally, I omitted the red pepper flakes just because it didn’t sound too appealing to me for this dish.

Do some of your favorite restaurants inspire you to try a new dish or even try to replicate one?




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