Music,Yoga, Love, and Good Food…My Weekend

May 21, 2013 § Leave a comment


Audra and I at her wedding!

Audra and I at her wedding!

Beautiful May Weekend

Friday:  Refreshing coconut, basil, and cherry smoothie

Although I worked most of the day on Friday, I did take a break to whip up this smoothie.  I needed to come up with a new way to use basil. Currently, I use it mostly in salads and for making pesto.

Last weekend, Kyle and I picked up some herbs for our garden: mint and 4 varieties of basil including a cinnamon and a chai basil.  I was so excited about planting our herb garden that I went a little overboard and without realizing, I purchased about 18 basil plants.  I’m not sure what happened, it all unfolded so quickly, I got caught up in the moment and the next thing I knew, I was hording herbs for our little postage stamp size Newport lot.  I’m looking at my abundance of basil as an opportunity to expand my use of this wonderful herb.  Here was my first shot at it:

1 cup of frozen cherries

2 cups of coconut water

1/2 coconut chips

6 leaves of basil

Blend together in high-powered blender.  So yum!!

Refreshing cherry coconut smoothie

Refreshing cherry coconut smoothie

I wrapped up my Friday by attending a yoga class and listening to the beautiful voice of Bryna Rene Haynes at Thames Street Yoga.  I felt completely blissed out after attending this incredible kirtan performance 🙂

Saturday: Something borrowed

On Saturday, Kyle and I attended my friend Audra’s wedding.  I really do love weddings.  What’s better than witnessing two incredible people who are totally in love celebrate surrounded by friends and family who are overjoyed for them?  Audra’s been a close friend of mine since we met working at MetLife about 8 years ago  and she’s also the reason I got married…I’ll explain.   Audra did just about everything for our small, intimate wedding.  She was there for me all along the way from deciding where and how to have my hair done to arriving at the church early to set up music and pin boutonnieres on Kyle and my brother-in-law.  Essentially, in order to have a wedding, I needed both my husband Kyle, and Audra. I was beyond excited this past fall when Audra asked me if she could borrow the hair clips I wore to my wedding as her “something borrowed”.  As you can tell from the photos, she was an absolutely beautiful bride.

"Something borrowed" hair clips that I wore at my wedding.

“Something borrowed” hair clips that I wore at my wedding.

View from our walk at Fort Adams

View from our walk at Fort Adams

Sunday:  Waking at Fort Adams and firing up the grill

We ended our weekend with a beautiful walk at Fort Adams State Park and some grilling on Sunday. The previous weekend, Kyle and I dined at Persimmons Restaurant in Bristol, RI for the first time.   We loved Persimmons and it now rounds out our 3 favorite restaurants in the state.  I had ceviche, duck, and a strawberry rhubarb dessert along with a refreshing cocktail.  Kyle had soft shell crab, lamb, and a chocolate dessert.  I would have included photos but I was so wrapped up in both the food and my date that I couldn’t break out of my trance in order to take a photo.  The service, food, and presentation were excellent.   We can’t wait to go back soon and relive the experience.  In the meantime, however, we enjoyed an at-home dinner date on Sunday night with lamb sausage, duck, cheese, and crackers from Persimmon’s Provision’s in Barrington.  Saturday morning, I packed my cooler with ice and headed to Barrington to stock up at this wonderfully beautiful butcher shop; I only wish it were closer to Newport 😦

We grilled the lamb sausage and I also made a wild rice salad and roasted carrots.  I used a recipe from Ina Garten for the duck.

I hope your weekend was just as special.

My 4 year old niece is staying with us over Memorial Day weekend and I have some big plans for this girls weekend.  I look forward to blogging next week!




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