Butter and Bread

June 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


photo 1

Are you familiar with the French Paradox Myth? I think my photo of decadent escargot in a warm pool of butter from French restaurant, La Poule Au Pot in London  is a nice way to get this conversation started.

Okay, so ‘luscious’ and ‘decadent’, can you tell I’m a fan of butter?  I will admit that I pretty much drank the butter, which may have been overdoing it just a bit.  But, in regards to health, butter is a far more superior a fat than highly processed vegetable oils, margarine, and trans-fats.  Butter is also a great source of vitamins A &D.

Anyway, back to the French Paradox – French eat butter, cheese (considered to be “bad” foods in the US), and have a lower rate of obesity and heart disease.

The French do, however, have a different approach to food, one that isn’t so health obsessed with food rules and categories of good and bad.  Rather than consuming mass amounts of low-fat snacks and non-food items, they eat real food in appropriate portions and ENJOY it.  The pleasure factor is huge.  We actually metabolize food better when we eat this way.  Letting go of obsessing about food rules could actually allow you to let go of excess weight.  I like how Dr. Mark Hyman talks about the French Paradox Myth: French women are thin because they drink wine and eat butter.

“French women are statistically thin, but not because of anything magical”, Dr. Hyman says. He points to their lifestyle—they eat small meals, shop more frequently for fresh foods than American woman typically do and they eat slowly. Dr. Hyman says their food intake and choices, coupled with the fact that their towns are built for walking, changes their metabolism.

Lifestyle really does play a huge role here. What you don’t see in this photo of my buttery indulgence is me walking all over London for 5 days, fitting in plenty of regular exercise. I was also on vacation which is certainly a time when I sit down, relax, and enjoy my meals at a slower pace without any stress.

Is it possible that if you allow yourself to slow down and enjoy your meals you could maintain optimal weight for your body?  Definitely something to consider and worth trying out.

While on the subject of France, checkout my May 2014 Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Retreat in the French Alps with Coral Brown!  We promise an abundance of delicious French meals.




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