Pre-Vacation Fun

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Roasted peaches with cinnamon, vanilla, and mint.

Roasted peaches with cinnamon, vanilla, and mint.

Over the past week, in between some working and studying,  I’ve been enjoying the month of September at home in Newport with Kyle.

It’s been a real treat to have my husband home.  I’ve been using him to experiment with new recipes like the roasted peaches pictured above.  For this recipe, I baked halved peaches (pit removed) with cinnamon, vanilla, and a little ghee  in a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  After they were cooked and softened, I topped with creme fraiche and mint leaves.  I love this recipe because there are so many variations.  I’ve also roasted peaches with pears, bananas, and figs and replaced the creme fraiche with yogurt, ricotta, coconut butter, nuts, or tahini.



Besides cooking and eating, we’ve been riding our bikes on Ocean Drive, practicing yoga, and kayaking.   Last weekend, we went to listen to my favorite music of the moment, Lord Huron, at Fete in Providence.  Such an awesome band and very cool place to see a show.  Kyle says that this music “speaks to me” and I think he’s right.  After all, good music, just like good food, can have a healing effect on us, right?  Everything we experience through the senses: taste, sound, sight, touch, and smell can all be means for balancing who we are and how we’re feeling.


Up past my bedtime at Lord Huron show in Providence

I had to have Kyle take this photo of me since most of my friends and family wouldn’t believe I was out way past my bedtime!

Last night we went to a NewportFILM & Newport Mansions Food & Wine festival, many thanks to one of my wonderful clients who added our names to the guest list 🙂  The Food & Wine Festival has events scheduled all weekend featuring well-known chefs as well as our favorite RI local chefs.

Lord Huron

Lord Huron at Fete in Providence

I am looking forward to sharing the details or our Oregon adventures next month.




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