Adventures in Learning, Eating, and Travel

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to visit the California College of Ayurveda for a week long intensive.  I’ve been studying through a distance learning program at CCA since last December and in two weeks I will have completed my Ayurvedic Health Educator Certification.


The one-week immersion proved to be an exceptional learning experience.  The trip felt like both a vacation and an education.  Lots of learning happening last week 🙂

My awesome travel partner, Kim, and I had the opportunity to learn in the classroom during the day and discuss yoga & Ayurveda in the evening while also brainstorming ways to bring Ayurveda into our communities.

In January, I will roll out my Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition programs, but today I’ll share some details and photos from the vacation aspect of our trip.

The school is located about an hour and a half northwest of Sacramento in Nevada City, CA.  During our trip, the weather was sunny, dry, and beautiful.  Mornings were crisp and the days warmed up to the mid-sixties.  With the air so dry, we had to make extra effort to stay hydrated and well-oiled.  Really, I mean that, our health food store trips consisted of loading up on healthy oils/fats including coconut oil, chia seed, and ghee.  Three days into the trip, I was enjoying my morning tea with about a tablespoon of ghee!  Our oil overload was taken internally, as well has externally as we used sesame and sunflower oil for our morning abhyanga.



Lunch at the FixIMG_1191 IMG_1190

About the restaurants: It’s pretty easy to find healthy, organic, and fresh food in CA, it’s everywhere.  The theme of natural healing through diet, lifestyle, and herbs is a common one in this area.  Without a doubt, Kim and I ate well on this trip!  Two of our favorite spots where Sopa Thai and The Fix for Foodies.  Sopa’s pumpkin curry was awesome and the kale salad with avocado and tahini dressing was one of my favorite dishes at The Fix.  Another trip highlight was stumbling upon the Nevada City Farmer’s market on our way to class Saturday morning.  I picked up a couple persimmons, hand-made soaps, and some unbelievable raw superfood cookies.


Pumpkin Curry at Sopa

Since we were up and out prior to our B&B serving breakfasts, I relied on these Superfood Oat-Based Cereals and highly recommend them for travel.  Add some granola, nuts or chia seeds for an extra nutritional boost.


Okay, enough about the food, now onto the Bliss therapy.  The 3 treatments (shirodhara, abhyanga and svedana) I received at CCA were amazing!  I was in such a state of deep relaxation and calm.  I highly recommend any and all of these therapies.


Photo from just before my shirodhara treatment.

One last thought to leave you with, courtesy of the Dalai Lama…





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