Beet Burgers and Farm Visit

December 12, 2013 § 1 Comment

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Last week Kyle and I visited Blue Hill Farm in Westchester, NY.  I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful place. We enjoyed a self-guided tour of the farm and visit to the cafe  before an incredible dining experience at their restaurant.  I can only imagine how cool this place must be during the summer growing season.  Essentially, we drove about six hours in one day just to got out to dinner and Kyle kept reminding me of this.  Lucky for me, it was well worth it! I’ve dragged Kyle to distant foodie destinations in the past and it hasn’t always worked out so well. But, I had really built this spot up and we were both overly impressed.

Since dinner reservations need to be booked well in advance and I never have much notice for when Kyle will be in from fishing, we arrived at the restaurant just before 5pm to score a seat at the bar.  This was perfect for us.  The bar offers both tasting menus from the dining room as well as a separate bar menu.  Kyle & I ordered from the 3 course bar menu.  In addition to what we ordered, several other plates were brought to us including beet burger sliders which we LOVED.  This little treat inspired me to look for a beet burger recipe.  I’m not a vegetarian, in fact, I had a real local grass-fed beef burger just last week, but I do still love vegetables 🙂 While I came across several very different versions online, I choose the one from Green Kitchen Stories.  I topped ours with avocado and Snofrisk . Although I’m tempted to try other beet burger recipes, this one was so good that I think I’ll have a hard time deviating from it.

photo 1-2

My first beet burger.


Pre-dinner snack. Both the butternut squash and tomato yogurt were awesome.



photo 5

Blue Hill Farm sells their unconventional yogurt flavors throughout CT and NY.  If you ever spot them, give them a try!  Or, even better, take a short trip to visit their Westchester Farm.




§ One Response to Beet Burgers and Farm Visit

  • Paula Levesque says:

    Hi Lynn
    I am still reading your newsletters! Love the article about your farm visit and the beet burgers.
    I have been thinking about a visit to Newport have some friends I want to see. Let me know if you are around for a cup of coffee anytime. So much has happened this year. In November Gerry lost his battle to multiple myeloma and that has left much sadness in my life.
    Fortunate to have yoga in my life.
    Paula Levesque

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