English Cake and Local Stew

February 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Squash & Pork Stew

Squash & Pork Stew

You may have noticed that this winter has been a particularly rough one.  My personal strategy for making the most of it is keeping busy with work and entertaining myself by attending some yoga workshops and playing with new recipes.  I am feeling very grateful to have Kyle around while the weather is nasty today.  This week, I made a couple of new recipes that we loved.  And, not only did we enjoy them, but I also convinced my neighbor from England to sample my cooking 🙂

Here’s what I made:

This awesome Pork and Squash Stew from Bon Appetit.  What motivated me to make this dish was my recent pork purchase from Swiss Village Foundation right here in Newport.  I used chipotle chile instead of New Mexico chiles.  This worked out rather nicely and the flavor was great.

I considered it a huge accomplishment to have my neighbor, Angus, sample two dishes.  He isn’t a fan of vegetables, but he did like the stew with kabocha squash!  The next night, Angus came over to help me order a new iMac and I was happy to have him try a pumpkin bread that I had just made.  He took one look and sniff at it and thought it was one of his favorite cakes from England, parkin.  After Googling parkin, it’s now on my list of recipes to try out.  In honor of my English neighbors, Lianne, Angus, Lucas, and baby #2 on the way, I’ll end this post using  some of their lingo…

I fancy going out to dinner with my husband tonight but I’ll be vexed if the weather spoils our plans.  Either way, I am sure our time together will be just lovely.

Angus enjoying my version of "parkin"

Angus enjoying my version of “parkin”





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